Tournament participation help

1. Click on Login / Register on the top right part of the screen.

2a. Fill in the fields: “Email”“Password”. Check “Stay connected” and click on “Connect”.

2b. If you haven’t already signed up, click on “Create account”, fill in your personal details and click on “Register”.

2c. If you have already registered but cannot remember your password, click on “Reset password”, fill in your email address and an email will be sent containing a link for changing your password. This process must be completed within one hour.

3. Click on “Club” on the menu and choose: “Athletes”. Here is where you process information about your club’s athletes. Your athletes list appears (if they have registered before). If an athlete is not already registered with us, a new registration is required.

Here we can manage our club's athletes.

Our athletes' list is displayed (if anyone is already registered)

If there is noone saved we have to register our athletes.

  • 3a. By clicking on “New athlete”, a new athlete can be added.
  • 3b. By clicking on “Edit”, you can update athletes’ details.
  • 3c. Athletes need to have checked “Active” in order to be able to participate in the tournament.

4. To register for the tournament that you are interested in, use the “Club” menu. Then choose “Tournaments”.

5a. Click on "Participate in tournament" button

5b. After filling in the tournament code, click on “Continue”.

6. The tournament along with its corresponding date appears by clicking on the arrow on the left side of the Tournament’s name. Your club’s registration options then become available.

7. There are two ways to register an athlete for a tournament.

7a.After clicking on “Register team”, choose “Category” and you can view the athletes eligible for the corresponding category. Choose the athletes you wish to register and then click on “Save”. This is the way to register team categories of TAO LU.

7b. After clicking on “Register athlete”, we choose an athlete from the menu and the can see all the categories that they are eligible for. Check the categories you are interested in and click on “Save”.

The process is then successfully completed.

  • Changes to athletes’ personal details as well as registration of new athletes can take place at all times on the part of the coaches.
  • Changes to athletes’ registrations for tournament categories, new registrations as well as cancellations are possible before the deadline set by the organizing committee.
  • Registrations after the deadline has expired will NOT be accepted by the system.